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Our Classes

Region 3 Fitness offers a unique private instructor led workout format. Our Strength region challenges you with a mix of weights, cardio, and HIIT. The Running region builds your endurance using the best treadmills on the market. The Mobility region will focus on stability, flexibility and overall body wellness. We believe running, strength, and mobility are the core elements of exercise. Come make our studio your second home.

Total Body Strength

Total Body Strength is our Fundamental strength training program that follow 7 Primal Movements: the Squat, Lunge, Hinge, Push, Pull, Carry/Walk, and Rotate. Our strength training will incorporate a total body approach to ensure you aren’t skipping out on any body parts throughout the week, increasing strength, muscle mass, and muscular endurance. Our total body strength days are on the following days: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


HIIT & Run is our High Intensity Interval + Running Class. This class takes place partially on industry leading treadmills called the Technogym Skillruns. This is paired with High Intensity Interval Training incorporating dumbbells, kettlebells + bodyweight exercises. HIIT & Run classes are on the following days in the morning: Monday, Wednesday, Friday. 

Saturday Trifecta

Saturday Trifecta is a mix of 3 of our classes: Strength Training, Conditioning, and Running. This is where we put all of the weeks training to the test! With a good mix of strength, conditioning, and running you will build a good foundation as a hybrid athlete. These workouts are designed to help build your strength, burn unwanted fat, and increase your endurance. The trifecta classes are equal parts challenging and fun! This class is only available on Saturdays.

Youth Fundamental Fitness

Our Youth Fundamentals class focuses on 4 elements of fitness: Strength, Speed, Agility, and Conditioning. These workouts are designed to be fun with an emphasis on technique and the fundamental concepts of exercise and fitness. We are committed to teaching healthy habits at an early age. For ages 10+


Conditioning is our High Intensity Interval Training program. During the conditioning classes you will be training in an anaerobic zone, performing exercises that will challenge your metabolic conditioning. You will burn a multitude of calories in this class which helps shed unwanted fat. Our conditioning classes are on the following days: Tuesday and Thursday. 

Runs & Buns

Run & Buns is our running class that also targets the lower body using dumbbells, kettlebells, and bodyweight exercises. Here you are sure to burn a great deal of calories during this class and work on strengthening your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calfs. The Runs & Buns is scheduled in the morning on Tuesdays. 

Sunday R3Fit x

R3Fit X unlocks individual fitness potential by building a strong, functional body through a balanced approach that enhances movement quality, increases strength in key areas and improves cardiovascular endurance. This class is for individuals who want to learn safe progressions in exercise movements and be empowered to train confidently outside of structured classes. Coaching will focus on movement mastery prior to volume and load while also providing real-time cues to ensure safety and efficiency. Program structure includes warm-ups with dynamic stretches and joint mobilization followed by specialized strength training focused on the core and compound movements. Each class concludes with steady-state cardio sessions which incorporate strength elements. 

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