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Jill W.


Jill W.

Region 3 is my home away from home. I know a lot of people  can say that about a gym but I have truly found a gym family here at R3. Not only have I found some truly inspirational and awesome people to connect with, the instructors are great at what they do. It isn’t just about coming in and working out, although it can be, each person is different after all, but more about how you challenge and push yourself to do a little better each time.

I have been working out for many years but when I came to R3 is when I really began to see some incredible change. I became stronger and changed things in my body that I thought I never would. Through many challenges and the guidance of both Eddie M and Eddie S, I have been able to do what I thought was not possible.  I couldn’t have done it without them and the R3 gym.

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