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Ashely F.


Ashely F.

I joined Region 3 Fitness in May 2021. I was nervous and had been out of the fitness world for some time, but after working from home since early 2020 I found that I gained a significant amount of weight. I was self-conscious, insecure, and unhappy. I knew I needed to make a change within myself, so I made a firm commitment to my health and took my fitness journey to the next level. I joined the ranks of the “5-amers” (a group of individuals who must be crazy to wake up every day at 4am just to beat their bodies up in the gym) got my nutrition in check and created a routine that 2 years later is still holding strong. Losing a total of forty-four pounds since has been quite the journey, but the support and motivation I received from the Region 3 Fitness community played a pivotal role in my success. The 5 am ladies have become my extended family and having a group of like-minded individuals who share the same determination and enthusiasm for personal growth has been invaluable to me.

This a long with Owner/Trainer Eddie’s wealth of knowledge, expertise, and unwavering support has been instrumental in my progress. Eddie not only creates effective workout routines but also provides invaluable advice on nutrition, recovery, and overall well-being. Beyond being an exceptional coach, Eddie is a true friend; always ready to lend a listening ear, offer a word of encouragement, or just a laugh. Region 3 Fitness fosters an environment that encourages dedication, motivation, and personal growth. The decision to change came from within myself, and while the hard work was mine alone, Region 3 Fitness, Eddie, and its members served to keep me dedicated and motivated. I wholeheartedly recommend Region 3 Fitness to anyone seeking a gym that offers more than just a workout. The expertise of Coach Eddie, the sense of community among the members, and the unwavering support make Region 3 Fitness a truly exceptional fitness family. Thank you, Region 3 Fitness, for providing me with the tools, guidance, and inspiration to achieve my goals. You have empowered me to become the best version of myself, both physically and mentally. I am grateful to be a part of such an extraordinary fitness community.

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